Are You Tired Of Banks Making Fortunes With Your Money While Throwing You Breadcrumbs?

We Can Show You How To Make Up To 28%pa On Your Capital... For Life

The Secret

My name is Paul Bent, and I'm going to tell you about a strategy that has literally transformed my retirement and my life. And then I'm going to invite you to meet up with me, and the man that devised the strategy, and we'll show you exactly how you can copy what we're doing and make mind-boggling returns on your hard earned money.

And all for just 10 minutes "work" each month!

Over the past seven years we've been quietly teaching this strategy to people from all walks of life - everyone  from police officers to plumbers, financial advisors to firemen, lawyers to lorry drivers. Even city traders and MP's! Students have flown in from all over the world; the United States, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, even Perth in Australia once they heard about this strategy.

And now they're making up to £8,000 a month with what we've taught them.


I made the leap of faith and can tell you that everything that is said is true. This is a genuine opportunity and you will make money.

Darren Turner

PIE User


The course was brilliant! I had a real eureka moment... this course actually does do what it says on the tin, it is an income for life.

Nick McKenna

Cleeve Racing


I took the plunge and I'm really glad that I did. My advice would be to trust these guys. What they're selling to you is real.

Tim Galbraith

Retired Police Officer

A Viable Alternative?

You've worked hard to build up a sum of money, savings or pension pot to invest. You're just the kind of person who can benefit from this strategy. So what are your alternatives?  Well there are several, and if you're anything like the rest of us, you're probably doing one or more of the following:

Leaving it in the bank

That's nice and safe but unfortunately your standard of living will be going down because essential bills such as energy are going up 10%-15% and real inflation is generally going up 2%-2.5%. The harsh reality is that this option is untenable. It makes no sense to continue getting 1.5% PER YEAR whilst your bills are going up more than that. A reduction in your standard of living or a requirement for other means of income is inevitable.

Investing with traditional institutions

We've all been sold this as a "sensible" option, but the reality is that they're simply gambling with your money.  They have teams of so-called experts and banks of computer models to help them form considered and calculated opinions, but at the end of the day they are taking a view on the market/a stock and HOPING they are right. As I've seen to my cost (and perhaps you have too)  nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, or even today!

In 2010 my fund manager turned  £20,000 of my money into £17,000 in one year and even charged me a fee for doing it! Even if you do what I did and pick a top performing fund,  there's no guarantee that it will stay that way. I've found out recently that hardly any funds outperform the market over the long haul, and that when they do, it's down to nothing more than pure unsustainable luck.


Nice and safe but that is reflected in the depressingly low rates available.

Buy-To-Let Property

Not a bad option but with rental yields at just 6% and poor capital growth in my part of the world, it doesn't really compare. And then there's the hassle from tenants, late/non payments and having to maintain the property. And of course it isn't easy to get your money out quickly or partially encash it. If all that wasn't bad enough, the Government have just made it a lot harder by slapping a 3% stamp duty surcharge on BTL landlords!

Or... You could do what we do. We use an investment vehicle that :

This investment strategy was developed and refined to do just that. I'm more than happy to show you trading statements to prove the consistent profits we're making. I can't promise overnight riches, but I can show you trading accounts comfortably achieving an average return on capital of 2.4% per month which equates to around 28% per year.

And those profits can be withdrawn, or rolled over for capital growth, or both. You are always in full control of your money. The long term capital growth potential of this method is simply staggering.

The Strategy

So what exactly is this?

Well for a start it's important that you understand that this strategy:

- DOES NOT invest directly in shares. Buying shares is a gamble because you are at the mercy of factors outside your control. No matter how well informed or how well researched your investment may be, anything can and will happen. You need your chosen share price to move up and of course, as all the advertisements tell you, the price can also go down! Unless you are lucky, very knowledgeable, or have inside information you are simply relying upon fate to determine whether your investment makes a profit or a loss.

- DOES NOT involve Forex. Nothing wrong with Forex, but it's not what we do.

- DOES NOT buy anything and hope for the best. No hoping that the  mining company strikes gold or oil. No hoping that the pharmaceutical company gets a license for its latest wonder drug. No hoping the pound moves against the dollar etc.

- DOES NOT involve complex formulas or algorithms that are difficult to understand and often don't work.

- DOES NOT rely on any wishful thinking or guesswork.

- DOES NOT require interpretation of any market signals/indicators.

So there's none of that!

And instead:

- It's very simple to do and takes just minutes per month to operate leaving you free to enjoy your life.

- It can be used to generate income, capital growth or both.

- It is totally flexible so you can operate it to suit your own personal needs.

- It can be actively managed for greater profits or simply actioned once a month and monitored.

- It generates consistent profit. It's never had a month which has lost money despite the most volatile market conditions.

- Results are consistent because of a known factor that repeats itself month after month. There's no hoping or guessing whatsoever.

- It makes money regardless of how the markets perform. It doesn't matter whether markets go up or down!

- You are in control of your money at all times.

- You don't give your money to anyone. You run your own account.

- You can try it in practice mode for as long as you wish before investing any of your capital.

There are no charts to interpret, and you won't have to sit looking at a screen all day. Ten minutes, once a month is all that's needed. 

Anyone with funds to invest and a willingness to follow some very simple instructions can cash in on this.

This is my personal pension plan and why I'm never going to have to worry about my financial future again. It's something that has changed my life, the lives of Glynn and his family and friends, and could potentially change your life too. It's also changed the lives of a small but growing band of workshop attendees who have been able to multiply the return on their money by tenfold or more.

About Us

Profitable Investment Education (PIE) is a UK-based training company. Its unique strategies and tools, developed by successful investors Glynn Calvert and Paul Bent, overcome the unpredictability of market movements. Unlike other financial trading techniques, PIE does not need to be micro-managed and requires just minutes per month to operate, with the trader in control of their funds at every step.

PIE Training conducts masterclasses in London and Sheffield UK as well as providing an online training course.

Glynn Calvert

Glynn built up three very successful businesses in Sheffield during the early to mid 1970's. He accumulated a capital sum and wanted to make the best use of it. Having a natural interest in investment and financial markets, he decided to learn more about the subject. He holds an educational qualification and went on to lecture on investments and financial markets locally. He has also featured on local radio.

Glynn has well over 30 years experience of financial markets and throughout that time he has traded Unit trusts, Investment trusts, stocks &shares, Options, Futures, FOREX, CFD's and ETF's. He was personally mentored by a private fund manager who specialised in the American financial futures market and for a while Glynn operated exclusively in that field. Glynn understood that the problem with most methods of trading and investing is that the investor/trader must be correct in his market view (the market must move in your favour in order to profit) and as we all know markets can be extremely volatile and unpredictable. Any investors success or otherwise is therefore at the mercy of factors totally outside his or her control.

Glynn wanted to find a way past the unpredictability of market movement so decided to concentrate on developing a strategy that produced a profit REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE MARKET MOVED UP OR DOWN. After many false starts and much refining, by mid 2010 he had cracked it!

Paul Bent

Paul worked as a production manager at British Steel for 32 years and in 2009 took the opportunity of voluntary redundancy. His first priority was to find a way of maximizing income and growth from his redundancy lump sum payment. His first foray into investment was in a railway maintenance company called Jarvis. He had been told that they were expected to win a lucrative contract in the near future and that their share price would rise. They duly went bust after being in business since 1846! Accepting that individuals like him had little chance of beating the markets, he decided to turn his money over to the experts. A managed fund with a record of unerring profits. The "Absolute Return Fund" duly turned his £20,000 into around £17,000 in a year. He resigned himself to the fact that investment wasn't for him and reluctantly turned his money over to his bank in return for a dismal 1.5% PA.

After leaving British Steel (by then TATA) he retrained and qualified as a mortgage, protection and equity release advisor.

Always being interested in statistics and probability, in 2010 he developed a betting system that, when certain mathematical conditions were met, couldn't lose. He wrote a manual and conducts one-to-one tuition based on the strategy.

Glynn and Paul formed PIE Trading in 2011........Paul no longer gets 1.5% pa on his money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q)If this is so good, why do you need to run workshops?

A) We don't, but teaching other people how to do this helps add to the capital we can invest in the strategy and it's fun and satisfying to do. At the risk of seeming to be purely altruistic (we're not!) it really does give you a kick to see people turn their financial situation around on the back of something that you've taught them.

Q)Is there a downside to the strategy?

A) This isn't one of those trading systems where you create something out of nothing. So you do need some capital to get started and your returns will always be related to the amount of capital you have. Over time you can build that capital of course, but if you're looking for something which will double your money in 6 months, this isn't it. If you find anything like that by the way, (that actually works) let me know!

Q)Is it tax free?

A) The key strategy does not involve spread betting or gambling or anything to do with Betfair. This is trading real financial instruments through a real FSA Regulated broker. Depending on where you reside there are usually tax liabilities on income. Having said that, we're currently working on a way in which you can use spread betting to add a further string to your money making bow and will be including that on future course. Profits from that aspect are tax free.

Q) Is this Forex?

A) This is nothing to do with Forex or signal services. You will be shown a method of trading whereby you make money whichever way the market moves, or even if the market doesn't move at all. Once you've learned the method you'll have that skill for life. There will be no need to ever subscribe to signal services, or take a gamble on which way the markets are going to move. You will have the ability to control your own financial destiny and you'll never need to rely on fund managers to tell you where to invest for the future. In short, you will be taking control of your own financial future and once you've understood how this works, you'll wish you had known about it a decade ago!

Q) How much will this cost?

A) The training will cost a one-off fee of £2,997 which includes the online study course and lifetime live support from Glynn and Paul. They are always there to help and have been informally chatting with clients on a regular basis since this launched in 2012! 

Q) Where are the workshops held?

A) The workshops are held in the heart of the country, very close to the motorway network in South Yorkshire and in Central London.


Over the years, we've had students come to us from all walks of life (and several corners of the globe) as word has spread about what we're doing here.

Course attendees have included:

- An MP

- Two London city traders

- Two airline pilots

- A surgeon

- A professional gambler

- A solicitor

- Two computer professionals

- A physics lecturer

- Two engineers

- Two retired police officers

- Two investment professionals from the city

- A builder

- A plumber

- An industrialist

- An electrical engineer

- A musician

- A Close Protection Officer

- A Barrister

- An Independent financial advisor

And they're not all from the UK either. Attendees have flown in from Geneva, Vienna, Hungary, Texas, and even Australia to learn this method.

"I have traded the system in the last 12 months and averaged about 18% return so I am extremely happy. I even traded whilst on a 2 month cycling trip. I am also very grateful to their commitment to giving updates and constantly monitoring the system for either improving returns or reducing risk.."

Dave Barnett

"Just to add to the success, I also trade the DAX. Since mid June my account now stands at over £5000 profit. Can't complain. Great little system. Keep up the good work!."


"As I mentioned in our telephone conversation yesterday, I managed to get 2% on my balance last month, which equates to more than £8,000 so, as you can imagine, I'm loving your system!."


"I found the content straightforward and easy to understand. I can only say that if anyone follows the rules as taught on the course they cannot fail to make decent profits. I am currently making around 24% p.a. which I am more than happy with. As far as I am concerned this is the best value trading system around and should last users a lifetime."

Alan Piggott


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